What is in a curse? And who are the accursed? The artist, Lanfranco Aceti, has created a performance titled Accursed and curated by Areti Leopolou that addresses the theme of the Thessaloniki Biennale, Imagined Homes, by bringing the privacy of the home into the public space. The accursed plebs—lower class and middle class alike—voice their angers and frustrations at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall in the form



Cloud and Molecular Aesthetics is a volume that situates a critical discourse on the molecular data–cloud and aesthetics within contemporary experiences of art and society. It reflects varied perceptions and current thinking by artists, curators, scientists, and theorists in comprehending the appropriation and colonization of the cloud. The cloud can be seen as a veiling of information, where it becomes clouded, foggy, fuzzy, obscure, or



I am currently working with Janice Glowski and Charles Csuri to the catalog Sketchbooks of Time that follows the exhibition by the same name held at Kasa Gallery in Istanbul. This image, courtesy of the artist, will be appearing in the catalog in order to showcase how things have changed and continue to change in the history of contemporary art. "I can't imagine ARTFORUM ever

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The New LEA Moving On

Ozden and I often joke about the above snippet of video from Doctor Who, that represents 'The Editor in Chief.' Although Ozden and I have not reached 'world domination' yet, we continue to work on the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) ensuring its transformation into an international publication and research hub. Six months ago we completed the transfer from the old system to the new Wordpress

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I am now finally able to put in order all of my abstracts and articles. I have decided to start with the abstracts of papers published over the years. It will be a job that will take several months since most papers need reviewing and updating. Something to look forward to with the hope of achieving both a digital archive of activities that took place over the

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A new website signs another beginning for something new. There have been several websites, blogs and projects in my past that have underpinned research and aesthetic developments. Each website was focused on one particular aspect: artworks, writings, academic endeavors... This new website is conceived as an archive for both past works and projects in development. It should allow the viewer to quickly search and identify

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