I am currently working with Janice Glowski and Charles Csuri to the catalog Sketchbooks of Time that follows the exhibition by the same name held at Kasa Gallery in Istanbul.

This image, courtesy of the artist, will be appearing in the catalog in order to showcase how things have changed and continue to change in the history of contemporary art. “I can’t imagine ARTFORUM ever doing a special issue on electronics or computer in art” is a phrase that still characterizes, albeit less and less, many fine art institutions across the world.

In a way there is a deplorable trend – that of adversity to experimentation in art that challenges the pre-conceptions of what an artwork should be. It has been a trend that characterized experimentations in video art (largely accepted, sought after and celebrated today), performance (Marina Abramovic’s The Artist Is Present at MoMA placed squarely performance art in the pantheon of the legitimate arts) and computer/new media art.

It is my intention with Sketchbooks of Time to offer an insight in the career of an artist, who has contributed so much with his experimental artworks and aesthetic to the advancement of the fine arts through the use of computer, animation and new media.