Ozden and I often joke about the above snippet of video from Doctor Who, that represents ‘The Editor in Chief.’

Although Ozden and I have not reached ‘world domination’ yet, we continue to work on the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) ensuring its transformation into an international publication and research hub. Six months ago we completed the transfer from the old system to the new WordPress site, which will improve interaction and workflow. Publication are being churned out at a faster pace and new projects are in development.

LEA was born as an electronic publication, but publications will become only one of its multiple outputs. My goal for LEA is for it to be much more: a research hub and incubator able to implement new projects, exhibitions, develop synergies and collaborative efforts through online sytems. We have set up new collaborations with FACT, Digicult, KASA Gallery and we will be announcing new research strands, partnerships, themes and projects in the forthcoming months. We have been working, for example, with Vince Dziekan and Ozden Sahin on exhibition projects that exist online first and then are materialized in physical exhibitions, which then travel across the world.

As we move in what we internally refer to the ‘third phase,’ I have to thank the very many people that kept supporting me, believed in the vision I had for LEA and that worked, and are still working, tirelessly with me in order to accomplish it.

My thanks go to: Ozden Sahin, Deniz Cem Onduygu, Vince Dziekan, Christiane Paul, Nina Czegledy, Paul Thomas, Sean Cubitt, Mike Stubbs, Oliver Grau and William Uricchio.

As we continue to explore and experience the value of globalized collaborations, I am keen to work with many of the friends, colleagues and researchers at Goldsmiths, the Royal College, MIT, FACT, Harvard, Arizona State University, Monash, Hong Kong and many others.

With my heartfelt thanks to you all.

Lanfranco Aceti

LEA Editor in Chief