Cloud and Molecular Aesthetics is a volume that situates a critical discourse on the molecular data–cloud and aesthetics within contemporary experiences of art and society. It reflects varied perceptions and current thinking by artists, curators, scientists, and theorists in comprehending the appropriation and colonization of the cloud. The cloud can be seen as a veiling of information, where it becomes clouded, foggy, fuzzy, obscure, or secretive as well as a (re)distribution of data when it condenses, blooms, and accretes into aesthetic, socio-political, technological, and scientific atmospheric contexts.

The book emerged from a conversation between Lanfranco Aceti, Director of Operational and Curatorial Research (OCR) and Editor in Chief of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (MIT Press), and Paul Thomas, the director of the Transcultural Imaging Conference.

Cloud and Molecular Aesthetics is an open access book by Leonardo Electronic Almanac edited by Lanfranco Aceti, Paul Thomas, and Edward Colless. It is published by MIT Press with the support of Operational and Curatorial Research (OCR) and Goldsmiths, University of London.

ISSN: 1071-4391
ISBN: 978-1-906897-62-8


With thanks to the team of editorial assistants at Leonardo Electronic Almanac: Candice Bancheri, Ashley Daugherty, and Michael Spicher.

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