Project Description

Biotopia Revisited  February 2011, curated by Lanfranco Aceti, Vince Dziekana and Christiane Paul with guest curator Morten Søndergaard for OCR’s Media Exhibition Platform (MEP). The original exhibition – ‘BIOTOPIA’ – brought together seven artists, all of whom set out to explore the wet zone through specifically commissioned installations: Stelarc (AUS), Revital Cohen (UK), Jacob Kirkegaard (DK), Jim Gimzewski / Victoria Vesna (USA), Paul Vanouse (USA) and Mogens Jacobsen (DK). ‘BIOTOPIA’ was part of the Port 2010 festival of contemporary art and realized in cooperation with KUNSTEN Modern Art Museum, Utzon Center (Aalborg, DK) and Aalborg University.

Reconceived for OCR and LEA’s digital media exhibition platform, ‘BIOTOPIA REVISITED’ sought to expose how art, technology, and curating enter into different roles (than the traditional ones) in the wet zone. They become more akin to scientific investigations into unknown territories of a remote corner of the universe – a science based on the human body’s hypothetic obsoleteness. All the participating artists operated in the wet zone in-between and beyond art and science, acutely aware of what happens when technology and human beings intersect and intervene with each other.