Project Description

Walczak & Wattenberg exhibition, SEETIME  March-April 2012, curated by Lanfranco Aceti, Vince Dziekan and Christiane Paul for OCR’s Media Exhibition Platform (MEP). The participatory artwork was hosted in a collaborative, multi-platform site, in which viewers contributed sketches of their own visions of time.

Marek Walczak is a public artist working with architecture, new media and social spaces. He works with Wes Heiss to create interactive installations including ‘Thoughtballoons’, where speech bubbles appear above people as they sit below, and virtual conversations are created when several people sit together.  Martin Wattenberg is an artist and computer scientist. He is known for his visualizations of culturally significant data, ranging from colors to classical music, as well as his work on the open-data web site, Many Eyes.

Marek and Martin have collaborated on a number of artworks including Apartment, which has been shown at the Whitney Museum and many venues worldwide. Their project Noplace, a Creative Capital work, was shown at the National Art Museum of China and as Noplace Online at Tate Online.