Project Description

National Panties is inspired by the complexity of the socio-political and economic crises that create barriers between the haves and have nots, generating a wide spread resurgence of nationalistic pride. National Panties is a project that has traveled to Athens, London, Cyprus, Rome and New York, questioning the political handling of the crisis and the return to nationalistic representations of society that create deranged mythologies and nostalgic visions. The ‘panties’ fly against a background made of parliaments, failed banks, failing institutions as well as symbolic buildings and landscapes.

This art project, first presented at the AND Festival and curated by Omar Kholeif and Sarah Perks, speaks of the contemporary social realities which are increasingly made of people left wearing, as the title says, just their panties and the national pride.

The project started in Italy and travels across the world, generating a series of images made of ‘panties, landscapes and people.’

The panties displayed in different urban and iconic landscapes across the globe, create a unique collection of what is the remainder of people’s aspirations at the beginning of the 21st century.

Public space curators: Ozden Sahin and Jonathan Munro.