This is the new LEA book titled Interference Strategies, Volume 20 Issue 2. ISBN: 978-1-906897-32-1. ISSN: 1071-4391. Date of Publication: April 15, 2014. Number of Pages: 157. Book Editors: Lanfranco Aceti and Paul Thomas. In this particular volume the issue of art as interference and the strategies that it should adopt have been reframed within the structures of contemporary technology as well as within the frameworks of interactions between art, science and media. What sort of interference should be chosen, if one at all, remains a personal choice for each artist, curator, critic and historian. Senior Editors: Lanfranco Aceti and Paul Thomas. Editorial Manager: Caglar Cetin. Authors: Lanfranco Aceti, Paul Thomas, Mark Guglielmetti, Mark Cypher, David Eastwood, Darren Tofts and Lisa Gye, Leon Marvell, Oliver Grau, Adam Nash, Edward Colless, Brogan Bunt, Susan Ballard, Mark Titmarsh and Anna Munster.

The print issue of the LEA Book Interference Strategies, Volume 20 Issue 2 is available on Amazon.

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