Car Park is a new artwork by Lanfranco Aceti curated by Helen Sloan as part of the exhibition Internet of Cars at the Hansard Gallery. The artwork is inspired by notions of hard labor and economic exploitation which will provide the conceptual underpinning for a public performance in Southampton from June 7 to June 11, 2014. Can people be reduced in an extreme process of commodification to objects? What is the process that numbering and data mining generates within a societal context? Is the extreme consequence of unchecked ideological forms of contemporary capitalism driving illogical syllogisms to their ultimate destination?

The processes of extreme contemporary commodification together with systems of data collections, which are neatly boxing within pre-conceived frameworks a wide range of human activities, are embedded within capitalistic ideological frameworks of exploitation of society and the masses within it. This conjunction is re-introducing within contemporary post-society Medieval concepts of abuse that marketed as ‘necessary’ or ’empowering’ create new categories: neo-serfs, micro-thievery on global scale or legal unethical exploitations.

By reducing people to ‘Cars,’ literally and setting up a Car Dealership – part of a new business venture called Lanfranco Aceti Inc. – the artwork will re-introduce to Britain neo-serfs labor conditions in order to sustain economic growth and create new jobs.