Danielle Roney and Jeff Conefry exhibited Opposing Views at the Media Facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb.

Opposing Views (2008) by Danielle Roney and Jeff Conefry was one of the artworks that I selected and curated for the exhibition titled Dislocations that was part of the Official Parallel Program of the 12th Istanbul Biennial and of ISEA2011 Istanbul.

Senior curators: Lanfranco Aceti and Tihomir Milovac.

The project presents an experiment in the visualization of conflict and debate through biofeedback and sensor driven real time video programming.

How ideologies and emotions interrelate is examined within the context of conflict, with an emphasis on how the ideologies of the few impact the many. The construct of conflict takes shape in the form of public debate, between two citizen participants of opposing views. Biofeedback sensors create data based on their emotional fluctuations and translate that impact into real-time video distortions. Presented on media architectural facades, the project provides a dynamic spatial dialog between site, power structures and the examination of public debate to present new avenues of communicative structures. (Text courtesy of the artists.)

The bio-feedback added another layer to the complexities of the re-contextualization. This technological layer contributes to a larger interest and debate in real time data as part of a new spatial re-definition of contemporary realities and fine arts.