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I am glad to present another publication of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac, DAC09, available on Amazon.

DAC09: After Media: Embodiment and Context, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Volume 17 Issue 2

ISBN: 978-1-906897-16-1
ISSN: 1071-4391

Senior Editors for this volume: Lanfranco Aceti and Simon Penny

Vol 17 Issue 2 of Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) is published on line as a free PDF but will also be rolled out as Amazon Print on Demand and will be available on iTunes, iPad, Kindle and other e-publishing outlets.


Making Inroads: Promoting Quality and Excellency of Contemporary Digital Cultural Practices and Interdisciplinarity
Editorial by Lanfranco Aceti
Click here for full article.

Two Decades of Digital Art and Culture: An Introduction to the LEA DAC 09 Special Edition
Introduction by Simon Penny
Click here for full article.

Hundred Thousand Billion Fingers: Seriality and Critical Game Practices
by Stephanie Boluk and Patrick LeMieux
Click here for full article.

Electronic Literature as Language Game: A Philosophical Approach to Digital Artifact Subjectivity
by Mauro Carassai
Click here for full article.

Understanding Material-Based Imagination: Cognitive Coupling of Animation and User Action in Interactive Digital Artworks
by Kenny K. N. Chow & D. Fox Harrell
Click here for full article.

Public Records/ Secret Public: Information Architecture for New Political Subjects
by Sharon Daniel
Click here for full article.

Imagination, Computation, and Self-Expression: Situated Character and Avatar Mediated Identity
by D. Fox Harrell & S. Veeragoudar Harrell
Click here for full article.

Play, Things, Rules, and Information: Hybridized Learning in the Digital University
by Elizabeth Losh
Click here for full article.

Language in the Other Software
by Chandler B. McWilliams
Click here for full article.

Energy Geared to an Intensity High Enough to Melt Steel: Merce Cunningham, Movement, and Motion Capture
by Carrie Noland
Click here for full article.

An Interview with Simon Penny: Techno-Utopianism, Embodied Interaction and the Aesthetics of Behavior
by Jihoon Felix Kim and Kristen Galvin
Click here for full article.

Making Quests Playable: Choices, CRPGs, and The Grail Framework
by Anne Sullivan, Michael Mateas, and Noah Wardrip-Fruin
Click here for full article.

Narrating System Intentionality: Copycat and the Artificial Intelligence Hermeneutic Network
by Jichen Zhu & D. Fox Harrell
Click here for full article.

Art After New Media: Exploring Black Boxes, Tactics and Archaeologies
by Garnet Hertz
Click here for full article.

Of Sex, Cylons, and Worms: A Critical Code Study of Heteronormativity
by Mark C. Marino
Click here for full article.

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About the Author:

Lanfranco Aceti is known for his social activism and extensive career as an artist, curator, and academic. He is a visiting professor and research affiliate at ACT @ Massachusetts Institute of Technology and professor and director of the Arts Administration Program at Boston University. He is the founder of The Studium: Lanfranco Aceti Inc., the founder and Director of OCR (Operational and Curatorial Research in Contemporary Art, Design, Science and Technology), and founder and Director of MoCC (Museum of Contemporary Cuts).

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