CURATING POST-HUMANITY? ART IN BETWEEN UTOPIA AND DYSTOPIA ABSTRACT The paper will discuss the vision of a future that has moved from the optimistic approach of the Futurists, in which a technologically based utopian world would represent the panacea to the problems of humanity, to one of a contemporary dystopian vision in which the ‘maimed’ post-human body represent a temporary hybrid response to the cataclysmic

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WHAT LANGUAGE DOES THE CYBORG SPEAK? CULTURE, ETHNICITY AND NATIONALITY AS PART OF THE LANGUAGE OF THE CYBORG? ABSTRACT The essay will explore the concept of post-humanity as a cultural construction that, as Elaine Graham explained, [1] is a condition which affects both human and post-human social frameworks. If the post-human body is a cultural definition, does the cyborg speak English, as it is the

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