Project Description

The Storm was exhibited in 2010 at the Earl Lu Gallery in Singapore. The exhibition is composed of prints, video, water and other objects.

At first The Storm engages the viewer as a traditional landscape artwork, a reinterpretation of classic storms that follow Joseph Mallord William Turner, Leonardo or other masters. The artwork is a commentary on contemporary socio-political realities through the use of ‘the materiality of the pixel’ and other electronic media in the process leading to the production of prints, paintings, installation artworks, sculptural objects and videos.

The artworks use the landscape to analyze the crisis in Italy that is a consequence of a failed political system, ethical values and rampant corruption. The artworks link themselves to the crisis through their title, but move beyond the particularities of the landscapes and localized ‘political storms’ engendering more general reflections on current political and social systems, on individual and collective frameworks, on life and death.