Project Description

Lanfranco Aceti Inc. is a new artistic project by Lanfranco Aceti that will see the production of a series of artworks emerging from the process of setting up a corporation in the name of the artist to which the artist’s physical body will be sold.

In what could be defined as “the corporate age” human existence is defined in terms of economic worth. The roles of national states, people’s lives, emotive exchanges, basic relationships, are increasingly defined in economic terms and within parameters of net contribution, generating a strict line of demarcation between haves and have nots, people worthy of being exploited and those who are not.

What does it mean then for a body, its past and future productions, its soul and conscience, to be sold to a corporation and what laws will this contract infringe, if any?

The intention of the artwork is to question and engage with analyses of capitalism and the meaning of capital. Is the physical body that we possess a capital and can we sell and buy the capital represented by the physical body?