Project Description

Car Park is a participatory performance and installation in public space by Lanfranco Aceti, curated by Helen Sloan, Director of SCAN, as part of the exhibition Internet of Cars at the Hansard Gallery in Southampton. The works that comprise Car Park are inspired by themes of hard labor, economic exploitation, erosion of social rights, and socio-political deprivation.

By treating people like cars and transforming them into objects the artist, through his company Lanfranco Aceti Inc., replicates financial schemes and methods to provide new services to and opportunities for ‘the community.’ This aesthetically driven company, like other companies operating within the economic sector, will claim that it is able to create new jobs for the poorer within our societies and that it will enable the rich to better spend their money by helping them to trickle down their riches.

What would be wrong in using people like cars, as in times past, and have them carry weights around at one’s beck and call?

50 kilograms is the amount of weight that a worker carries in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul for 3 Turkish liras (1 British pound per ride). This price includes the commission for the ‘intermediary’ that procures the contracts. In Italy women used to walk for miles carrying on their heads baskets filled with wet washed clothes or bags of flower and grains up to 50 kilograms.

By re-introducing these jobs in Great Britain Lanfranco Aceti Inc. hopes to expand self-entrepreneurship, stimulate the economy, and spur job growth, as well as provide the rich with a better opportunity to dispose of money to benefit the wider community.

As if selling Ferraris or Maseratis, or perhaps a more humble but sparkly Mini or a Fiat 500, Lanfranco Aceti Inc. dealership will offer a variety of models of human cars in its Car Park.

From a buff, strong and young ‘car-man’ boasting a ripped six pack to more cozy, charming and economic models.

Lanfranco Aceti Inc. will buy the services from workers in the United Kingdom for the minimum wage, benefiting disadvantaged areas, and re-sell services with a commission in order to cover administrative costs, management, and marketing.

For a mere 600 pounds an hour you can rent your own car-man or car-woman from the Car Park of Lanfranco Aceti Inc.

Be served as only you deserve. Benefit the community.

Rent our Car-People. Help the world.