Project Description

A Pound of Flesh is a participatory performance held, in its first iteration, in the local market of the city of Limassol, Cyprus.

The artwork analyzes the relationship between reality, illusion and perception within a European social and democratic context in crisis. The event was sponsored by NeMe and received the kind support of the municipality of Limassol.

The performance produced a series of photographs, material objects and videos for art installations.

At the end of the event a series of packages containing flesh were addressed from the residents to the European Central Bank, the IMF and the European Union.

Curated by: Helene Black, Ozden Sahin and Jonathan Munro.
Coordinated by: Yiannis Colakides.
Thanks go to: Limassol Municipality; Sabanci University; Goldsmiths, University of London; MoCC, LEA, Christiana Solomou; Alexis Andreou, Yiorgos Athanasiou and Zeynep Ozel.