Black Sheep Talks, a production of the Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC) and Arts Administration @ Boston University, with Tamiko Thiel in its second podcast. Tamiko Thiel is a visual artist exploring the interplay of place, space, the body and cultural identity. She expresses herself in a variety of media including digital prints, videos, interactive 3D virtual worlds and augmented reality.

A founding member of the cyberartist group Manifest.AR, she participated in the pathbreaking augmented reality exhibit “We AR in MoMA,” an uninvited guerilla takeover of MoMA New York. Videos of Thiel’s “Art Critic Face Matrix” were featured in articles in the New York Times and on WNYC (National Public Radio). In 2011 she led the Manifest.AR Venice Biennial AR Intervention, placing her work series “Shades of Absence,” on censorship in the visual arts, in the Venice Giardini and in the German National Pavilion (which won the Golden Lion Award for best national pavilion). This led to an invitation to participate in the ISEA2011 exhibition UNCONTAINABLE, an official parallel program of the Istanbul Biennial, where she placed her artwork series “Captured Images” into the main biennial exhibition. Since then she has many commissions for augmented reality projects as a site specific participatory public art form, creating digital prints of the augments taken on location to show in gallery exhibits.

Listen to Tamiko talk about the concept of nations and artists belonging to and creating their own nations and its associations with the group Manifest.AR. Tamiko Thiel’s full interview with Lanfranco Aceti–artist, curator, and director of Arts Administration @ Boston University is available on Vimeo at:

Black Sheep Talks: Tamiko Thiel from Museum of Contemporary Cuts on Vimeo.

The interview is a part of the exhibits „Not There“ and You Cannot Afford This!, a series of artistic interventions supported by the MoCC that questioned art and its relation to market and plutocrats. The image by Tamiko Thiel is titled May Gold Fall Upon You, 2013. Augmented reality intervention at the Contemporary Istanbul art fair.

Black Sheep Talks is a series of podcast interviews with artists, academics, and activists across the globe who self-define with the concept of the black sheep. Conceived by Lanfranco Aceti and realized in collaboration with Sarah Bradshaw and Rosemary Bucher, students of Arts Administration – the interviews showcase conceptual innovators at the forefront of their respective fields, challenging and blurring the stereotypical notions of boundaries and success while enveloping elements of contemporary issues. Black Sheep Talks is a production of the Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC) and Arts Administration @ Boston University.

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