The Media Exhibition Platform (MEP) of Operational and Curatorial Research (OCR) in collaboration with the Arts Administration program @ Boston University presents the 2016 exhibit Silver Lining by Jenny Marketou, curated by Lanfranco Aceti. The exhibition will premier for the College Art Association (CAA) 2016 conference February 4th.

Marketou is an artist and researcher who, throughout her career, has developed site specific and site responsive works in a large variety of contexts worldwide. In an interview for the new Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) exhibit L.A.Re.Play, Marketou comments: “My practice has been in the realm of the experiential. It bridges various modes of the action, documentation, and visualization and it can be called mobile network installations, performance, situation, event, video photography, web projects

Marketou’s practice explores the complexity of contemporary technology interfaces and platforms that increasingly erode concepts of both public and private spaces. This process of erosion creates new sociopolitical tensions, which far from an idealistic and optimistic representation of technology conveys the complex intertwining of human life and visual technologies.

The exhibit’s curator, Lanfranco Aceti explains his choice for the exhibit title: “It is not just about a critique of the dystopia of the contemporary media technologies but a way of pointing to a balanced and more integrated perspective beyond the optimism of the futurists and the apocalyptic landscapes of digital dystopia”.

Although pointing to the complexity of public space, political life, and the role the life of the human body plays within the contexts, Marketou remains unequal in her presentation of mesmerizing and aesthetically captivating installations. The audience is transported into a world where hopes and fears merge, leaving the viewer in a space of infinite possibilities and choices.

Silver Series was Commissioned for the exhibition Gateways: Art and Networked Culture exhibition
Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia. Cultural Capital of Europe, 2011 and Goethe Istitut and House of Electronic Arts,(H3K) Basel, Switzerland.

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Curatorial Assistant: Sarah Elena Bradshaw

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