Who the People? is a series of artworks presented for FutureEverything in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, Department of Design Informatics. This is a new art project based on a series of recent works produced by Lanfranco Aceti that represent, through the use of data and social media, the relationship between people’s participation in and support of systems of data-mining, dehumanization, bureaucratic enslavement and continued sustainability of statal and corporate realities. The silent majority, by its own being silent, shares a major responsibility in the contemporary crisis represented via post-society, pos-citizenship and post-capitalism.

Who the People? by playing on the famous Milgram experiment conducted by Stanley Milgram, the novel The Castle (1926) by Franz Kafka and the contemporary ease with which agreements are signed and rights granted to a wide range of corporations and operators (HUMANCENTiPAD, 210th episode, 15th series of South Park, April 27, 2011) will showcase the ease with which data is offered and rights are foregone in the hands of totally unauthorized individuals.

Who the People?, playing between performance, documentation and data objects, will create a series of artworks questioning the modalities in which and with which people irresponsibly participate within a contemporary post-data-society increasingly predatory, constantly surveilling and worryingly exploitative. The artworks can be viewed online via the artist’s portfolio.

Curator: Fionn Tynan-O’Mahony. Assistant Curator: Joe Blakey.