‘Visible from Space’ by Paul Catanese was the first exhibition I worked on for the LEA Digital Media Platform as senior curator together with Christiane Paul. It has been since the end of 2010 a continuous feature of LEA thanks to the curator, Vince Dziekan. As I put order in my personal archive of curatorial projects, I look fondly upon this collaboration, particularly now that the exhibition is moving from the digital platform into the physical space of Kasa Gallery.

LEA International Curatoriate:
Senior Curators: Lanfranco Aceti (Goldsmiths College and Sabanci University) and Christiane Paul (The New School and Whitney Museum of American Art).
Curator: Vince Dziekan, (Monash University and FACT Associate).

Research and development for ‘Visible from Space’ was supported by a month-long residency in June 2010 at the Goldwell Open Air Museum, just outside of Death Valley.