Where Is Space? is a conversation between Professor Vincent Brown (Harvard) and Professor Lanfranco Aceti (MIT and BU) on issues of space and its relationship to the construction of contemporary visual, literary, and historical contexts and narratives. Professor Brown will talk about space, time, and slavery in the context of contemporary digital media and discuss these topics with professor Aceti. The lecture will take place in the Plimpton Room, Barker Center, [...]

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Can You Feel It? I Can Feel It is a new installation work by Lanfranco Aceti created for the exhibition, When All is Said… and Done, curated by Artemis Potamianou for the Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes gallery in London. Participating artists include: Lanfranco Aceti, Aggelos Antonopoulos, Bill Balaskas, Jackie Berridge, Jimi Efthimiou-Dimitris Mitsopoulos-Vivi Papanikola, George Harvalias, Lady Michelle, Frini Mouzakitou, Giorgos Papadatos, Artemis Potamianou, Clay Smith, and Mark Titchner. Composed of twenty-four panels that [...]

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Annunciation is the latest performance and sculptural installation by Lanfranco Aceti. As part of the exhibition nEUROsis, the artwork was realized in Limassol, Cyprus, with the support of the non-profit organization NeMe. Curated by Yiannis Colakides, the project was developed as part of a year long residency in which the artist explored via thorough research themes and concepts related to apocalypse, post-democracy, post-citizenship, activism, political art, and rebellion. Annunciation is [...]

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Disobedient, Discontented, and Disruptive: Politics of Aesthetic Resistance and Resilience is a presentation by Professor Lanfranco Aceti at Art, Culture and Technology (ACT) @ MIT. The presentation, on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, is part of ACT luncheon series and engages faculty and students with the affiliate's research and thought processes in the creation of new scholarly works, curatorial projects, or personal exhibitions. “The repressed who sides with the revolution is, [...]

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Professor Lanfranco Aceti (Boston University) and Professor Doris Sommer (Harvard University) have joined forces to deliver a student experience in interpretation of complex texts within art spaces. The semester-long course titled Arts in Barcelona, analyzes how national conflicts and civil unrest affect forms of cultural production. Professor Aceti chose The Politics of Friendship by Jaques Derrida for the class Arts in Barcelona because of its focus on nationalism and its relevance to the challenges and complexities involved in arts [...]

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Lanfranco Aceti’s new work, Baked: The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off (2017), is based on a neon installation from the exhibition, nEUROsis, curated by Yiannis Colakides for NeME. The artist defined these new works of art as a “series of perspectival studies envisioned through tinted glasses on moving life.” The artworks consist of prints and screen paintings, but also incorporate a series of [...]

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Remainders at the End of a Summer Bliss, by Lanfranco Aceti, is a curatorial essay that surveys Bill Balaskas’s exhibition, Remains of a Summer Bliss, at the Kalfayan Galleries, Athens and Thessaloniki. Featured on their new platform,  Contemporary Arts and Cultures (CAC), the essay is published by the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), MIT Press. In a globalized context of ruthless capitalism, this curatorial essay examines from afar the drama of [...]

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It's Time is a conversation between Prof. Sean Cubitt (Goldsmiths and Harvard) and Prof. Lanfranco Aceti (MIT and BU) on issues of time and its relationship to the contemporary databased and mediated narratives. The lecture will take place in the Plimpton Room, Barker Center, Room 133, Harvard University on Monday, December 4, 2017, from 6:30pm to 8:00 pm. Inspired by Italo Calvino's Six Memos for the Next Millennium and Umberto Eco’s [...]

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The Museum of Contemporary Cuts presents a painterly and sculptural text work by Dutch artist, Willem Jan Smit. At the Sculpture Garden pavilion on the New Sea Waterfront of Thessaloniki, Smit marries the two media with the complexity of the positive and negative architectural space. “The Sculpture Garden pavilion presents and shines a light on a fissure in the homogeneous representation of the community,” explains the artist. “The pavilion proposes [...]

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Supported by the Museum of Contemporary Cuts, the Mediterranean Garden pavilion on the New Sea Waterfront of Thessaloniki has a contemporary art installation by Lanfranco Aceti, curated by Camilla Boemio. Known internationally for his socio-political stances and performances that have taken place over the past thirty years, the artist has conceived a site-specific installation that engages directly with the theme of the Thessaloniki Biennale, Imagined Homes. He has created a public [...]

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