National Panties is an exhibition, presented by Museum of Contemporary Cuts at Contemporary Istanbul, of Lanfranco Aceti’s recent artworks that focus on issues related to contemporary economic disparities and social crisis. Curated by Gulsen Bal, the exhibition is composed of a site specific installation and three new video works titled Present which follow the Financial Triptych exhibited at Milkshake Agency (Geneva) and curated by Artemis Potamianou and Giorgos Papadatos. National […]

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The exhibition Capital Failures at the Contemporary Istanbul art fair will showcase a selection of artworks by British artist Jordan McKenzie. The exhibition is part of an international collaboration that questions contemporary aesthetic practices and definitions of capital. Curated by Lanfranco Aceti, the selection of artworks provides the viewer with alternative perspectives of capital and failure than those offered within the parameters and definitions of contemporary capitalism.

The artist challenges […]

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The exhibition An Englishman Abroad with artworks by British artist Jordan McKenzie challenges traditional perceptions of aesthetic and art as an endeavor disjointed by a social component. His artworks, a varied mix of performances, videos, installations and prints, bring into the fore issues of social realism, identity and gender in a British society that is increasingly in crisis.

An Englishman Abroad explores, with a peculiar British sense of humor, how […]

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My Estate of Mind is a new exhibition for the Museum of Contemporary Cuts by the British artist Jordan McKenzie. In his artworks McKenzie explores the relationship between hierarchical systems of power, mythological representations of grandeur and the constantly incumbent presence of these systems in people’s daily lives. The artist pierces the traditional representation of British society presenting the viewer with a critique that, by making use of traditional stereotypes, […]

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No Rest for the Wicked is a curatorial project presented at ArtInternational in Istanbul by Lanfranco Aceti. The project will showcase recent artworks by Bill Balaskas as well as a series of exhibitions and art projects developed by MoCC (Museum of Contemporary Cuts) since 2012. No Rest for the Wicked will provide the opportunity to engage with an international organization and a range of international artists that are tirelessly altering […]

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The Aesthetics of Scale: Or on How to Grasp the Little Things is a convened curatorial talk at the John Hansard Gallery in Southampton that will see my participation as well as that of distinguished speakers Bill Balaskas, Bronwen Buckeridge, Sunil Manghani and Helen Sloan. The talk will focus on the concepts that underpin the exhibition The Small Infinite and provide a moment of reflection on the aesthetics of scale […]

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The Small Infinite is a new exhibition I have conceived and am curating at the John Hansard Gallery together with Vince Dziekan. The preview is August 4, 2014 from 6pm to 8pm. The featured artists are: Mark Amerika, Elif Ayiter, Bill Balaskas, Bronwen Buckeridge, Sophie Clements, Susan Collins, Max Eastley, Tim Head, Henriette Heise, Chris Henschke, John Latham, Mark Lewis, Karl Lemieux, Patrick Pound, Charlie Sofo and Paul Thomas. The […]

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I have been invited to be part of this exciting exhibition, Public Domain, initiated by Lo and Behold and presented at Milkshake Agency from June 26 to August 24, 2014. The project includes 25 artists / 25 site specifics located in 12 different cities in 10 countries and is curated by Artemis Potamianou and Giorgos Papadatos. After receiving the commission I decided to create the Financial Triptych. This artworks stems […]

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The exhibition An Opera of Labour and Revolution takes an unsentimental look at the collective and its expressions both today and in the past, juxtaposing artworks based on the iconography of heroic, revolutionary gestures or collaborative, unified action. The artists selected for this exhibition are Bill Balaskas, Paolo Cirio, Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen, Felix Gmelin and Taus Makhacheva. The exhibition reminds of the need for alteration and redesign […]

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Car Park is a new participatory performance and installation in public space by Lanfranco Aceti, curated by Helen Sloan, Director of SCAN, as part of the exhibition Internet of Cars at the Hansard Gallery in Southampton. The works that comprise Car Park are inspired by themes of hard labor, economic exploitation, erosion of social rights and socio-political deprivation. The installation and public performances will take place in Southampton from June 7 to June […]

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